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The wisdom of this land tells us that river kayaking is the most conscious and grand way to begin an introduction to Kerala's waters. With virtually no traffic to contend with you will have signed up for one of the most soul-stirring adventures of your life. Depending on your level of expertise, and how comfortable you feel, kayaks can take you anywhere- rivers, lakes, or out into the seas..

"The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go…"
- Illusions, Richard Bach

We invite you on feather light riverine trails on kayaks to reconnect with Earth and life itself. Let us set out on an early morning paddle, the kayaks gliding over the glass like rivers, and lakes. Imagine being lost in the moment as the paddle soars a second hanging in mid-air, then ‘lo-behold’ the ever increasing patterns of water waves. Among the distorting reflections, you may find your heart singing the song that the Brahminy Kite resonates to its mate. We welcome you to such connections and many more…!

’Floating with Herons' is our special kayak journey with river fishing / angling, crabbing, riverine village life, backwater photography, birding, and cruising experience.

We offer:
Adventure expeditions
Day outings
Moonlight kayaking
Kayak races

Additionally, we provide training round the year at our premises


Wear a rash vest /light short
sleeve/long-sleeved shirt and
shorts/board shorts
Bring towels, a hat, waterproof footwear
Sun cream (min.SPF 35)
Sun glasses, glasses strap
Dry change of clothes


Kayak and paddle; lifejacket / PFD (personal flotation device), wet suit, dry suit, spray skirt (with shock cords), helmet, paddle leashes etc.
Experienced river guide and kayak instructor
We provide fruit, coolers, water, and snacks
A rescue boat will follow you throughout the trip, loaded with medical back up, food, water and other supplies


Kayaking is an adventure activity that requires minimalistic training and is suited for participants of all age groups
Paddling involves core strength training and muscle workout which will lead you to a healthier fitter living
An hour of kayaking can burn up to 500 calories!
Research shows kayaking reduces stress hugely
Using a kayak, you reach places you would never otherwise have found
On the trip we discourage touching, eating, smoking and the picking of shells/plants/orchids/ flowers/twigs for souvenirs